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Aishwarye Dubey | Advisor Legitimate Scrutiny

“Lawyers have a way of seeing that sets them apart from the rest of us. In some way, this special vision makes them invaluable, and in other ways, repulsive. Lawyers are much more focused on rational, logical, and objective criteria to the exclusion of the emotional, subjective, and sometimes irrational responses to the world. Moreover, lawyers like to show no emotion, and possess a particular disdain for the emotions that are found in others, which has the quality of making them seem inhuman.” ~Thane Rosenbaum

About Mr. Dubey

"When passion meets profession, a masterpiece is created" Strongly believing in this adage, Mr. Dubey has molded his professional career in a manner where his love for defense and maritime sectors has placed him in a unique position. He is a specialist in maritime (commercial) law & alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (Arbitration Negotiation and mediation), Mr. Aishwarye completed his master's (LLM) in maritime law from Erasmus University Rotterdam, & his law from National Law University, Odisha. He is also engaged as an active volunteer for the United Nations. In the domain of conflict prevention and resolution, both in India as well as abroad.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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