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Publication Process:

Team Legitimate Scrutiny Works day and night in order to get the best publication journal for you, all the publication partners are authentic and legit. At team Legitimate Scrutiny we sincerely acknowledge the hard work and effort devoted in preparation of the manuscript, therefore submitting it to the right hands is our job only.
Before sending a document for publication our editorial board critically examines the manuscript and following steps are undertaken;

  1. Preparation of correction report;

  2. Correction report is submitted back to the author (for making the mentioned correction so that the author may acknowledge the mistakes made by them),

  3. After receiving the manuscript back from the author the same is sent for the Plagiarism check.

  4. Plagiarism report is submitted to the author and the authors are asked to make the corrections in the manuscript and resubmit it within next 72 hours.

  5. The manuscript is sent for the publication.

Our Current Publication Partners

Burnished Law Journal 
ISSN(O) : 2582-5534

burnished Law journal.png

About Burnished Law Journal:
Burnished Law Journal(ISSN-2582-5534) Peer Reviewed National Law journal Indexed in Manupatra with open access aims to provide a number of legal journal articles,& practical update of law. We actively invite people to share his/her research on contemporary issues of law, so as to enable the growth and understanding of the aspects of the law to the individual in the society. The main aim of Burnished Law Journal, includes, topic on socio-legal, socio-economic, or any other law related topic or social issues.


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  12. International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR)

JUS Corpus Law Journal 
ISSN(O): 2582-7820

JusCorpus logo.png

About JUS Corpus Law Journal:

Jus Corpus Law Journal provides a platform to students, academicians, scholars, professors & professionals in the fields of law as well as management. Jus Corpus Law Journal also gives the opportunity to publish your research paper in our Journal in different volumes.​


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Law Essentials India
ISSN(O): 2582-6735


About Law Essentials India:

Law Essentials Journal is an international, peer-reviewed, quad-annual, open access online research journal covering various fields of law. The journal focuses on providing knowledge and information on recent issues and developments in the field of law.


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Jus Imperator
ISSN(O): 2456-9666


About Jus Imperator:

Jus imperator is a Double Blinded Peer Review E-Journal with ISSN: 2456-9666 that provide platform to professors, scholars, academicians, professionals and students, for publishing paper in the field of law and management. We uses technology to enhance and cultivate the writers and their talents with a mission to develop writing as A PEN IS MIGHTER THAN A SWORD. The main objective of the journal is to encourage research publication.


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