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National Article Writing Competition 2023



  1. Digital Privacy and Surveillance: The balance between national security and individual privacy in the age of digital surveillance.

  2. AI and Legal Ethics: The impact of artificial intelligence on legal practice and ethical considerations.

  3. Climate Change and Environmental Law: Legal frameworks addressing climate change and environmental protection.

  4. Gender Equality and the Law: Progress and challenges in achieving gender equality through legal reforms.

  5. Freedom of Speech vs. Hate Speech: Legal boundaries and implications of regulating hate speech.

Announcing the launch of the 4th National Article Writing Competition, our annual flagship event. This competition is a prestigious platform for showcasing your thoughts on the evolving legal landscape of India. Participants will have the chance to get their work published globally, reflecting their dedication and expertise. The themes cover pressing contemporary legal issues, including digital privacy, AI ethics, gender equality, climate change challenges, and the balance between freedom of speech and hate speech.

This event is more than just a competition; it’s an opportunity for intellectual growth, self-education, and national recognition. We encourage participants to maintain high spirits, embrace the challenge, and let their enthusiasm shine through their work. Join us in this journey of discovery, learning, and competition. Your voice matters, and your contributions could shape the future of legal discourse in India.



1st Prize- 10,000 INR+Meritorious Certificate+15% Off on Journal publication.

2nd Prize- 5,000 INR+Meritorious Certificate+15% Off on Journal publication.

3rd Prize- 2,500 INR+Meritorious Certificate+15% Off on Journal publication.


Moreover, the Top 12 Participants other than the Top 3 shall get FREE website Publication and 10% Off on any one manuscript Publication at our Partner Journal Publication + Certificate of Excellence.​ All the Participants shall get a Certificate of Participation and 10% Off on the Website.



  1. One article per participant/team is permissible;

  2. maximum-authorship of up to 2 is allowed;

  3. The article must be free from plagiarism and should be original;

  4. The article must be in the font; 'Times New Roman' has 1.5 line spacing and the body of the content should be of font size 12. However, the headings may be of font size 14, in all caps and the word limit is 2000 words. 20th blue book shall be followed for citations;

  5. Submissions must be made in either 'Docx' or 'doc' in PDF format;

  6. The authors should provide their details on a separate cover page containing their credentials and contact details;

  7. For the purpose of submission, the student must send a mail to;

  8. Registration Deadline - 29th July 2024 11:59PM;

  9. The submissions shall be accepted till 10th September 2023.

  10. Registration Fee: Single Author- 300 INR, Dual Author -500 INR


  1.  All students pursuing an undergraduate/post-graduate/doctorate degree shall be eligible.

  2. Any person holding an undergraduate/post-graduate/doctorate degree shall be eligible.



  1. Accuracy of citation;

  2. Citation formats (for instance the candidate is following bluebook or other such citation formats throughout their paper);

  3. How well did the candidate structure the whole article (that includes points on the Introduction, argumentative stands, and the conclusion drawn on the basis of the said argumentative stands);

  4. Material (research work, legal points, statutory point, anything authentic research to prove the said argumentative point);

  5. The general guidelines should be strictly followed.





  1. To register for the Legitimate Scrutiny National Article Writing Competition 4.0, click over the REGISTER NOW button given below by or before the 29th of July 2024.

  2. Make the Payment of the Registration Fees via PhonePe at 6306879607 or to use other UPI apps, use our UPI ID 6306879607@ybl. (300 INR for Single Authorship and 500 INR for Co-Authorship.)

  3. Take a screenshot of your payment and attach it to the end of your Google form.

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