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Critical Observation of Legal Thoughts.

Legitimate scrutiny is a unique platform that appreciates your efforts, we believe in growing each day. We adore writings on legal issues faced by people in normal day to day life. It's not easy for every one to go to a law school and study law for 3 to 5 years. Through this platform even the people not from a legal background may enhance their knowledge in legal aspects.

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Prof. Dr. Arvind Jasrotiya

Head and Dean of Law at University of Jammu; Director CDC.

This platform aspires to make law intelligible to common masses.

All the best for this excellent endeavor 

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Vaibhav Uniyal

Asst. Prof. of law at Uttaranchal University.

Happy to see positivity. your step in this direction is applaudable.

Wishing you the best of luck.


Shreya Bansal

Advocate Supreme Court, Chief strategy officer Green Governance  of India.

I wish the team L.S. comprising of such motivated young adults, a very good luck for their work. in my brief interaction with the team, I'm convinced for their success. 

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General Guidelines for Article Writing  :

  1. One article per person is permissible;

  2. Co-authorship of up to 2 is allowed;

  3. The article must be free from plagiarism and should be original;

  4. The essay must be in the font; 'Times New Roman' has 1.5 line spacing and the body of the content should be of font size, 12. However, the headings may be of font size, 14, in all caps and the word limit is 2000 words. 21st Blue Book shall be followed for citations;

  5.  Submissions must be made in either '.docx' or '.doc' along with PDF format;

  6.  The authors should provide their details on a separate cover page containing their credentials and contact details;

  7. For the purpose of submission, the student must send a mail to


Thanks for submitting!

About us

Legitimate Scrutiny™️, a new-age platform that unites Judges, Lawyers, Renowned Academicians, Entrepreneurs, and Law Students together as a community. Expand your horizons of knowledge in the field of legal study with our numerous blogs, articles, research publications, and informative videos. we present you the opportunity to get yourself published through our platform and reach people all over the world and exhibit your skills to a mass that takes interest in the same matters as you do. We organize writing competitions of all kinds regularly through which you can test your mettle. compete against your peers and fellow writers and stand apart from the crowd. legal research paper legal knowledge updates.






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